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Walk for Jesus – Jerusalem Pilgrimage: Episode 4

Dear Friends,

In this episode I finished my first Long Distance Trail and started my next one: the ‘Via Monastica’. I also said ‘farewell’ to the Netherlands and ended my hike in a place called Tessenderlo in Belgium. So next time I’ll have to park my car there and start my hike.

On my journey this time lots of edible mushrooms, some sun, clouds and one day some rain. We had some pretty heavy rain showers last month. The result is that nature ‘breathes’ again and where rain comes new life immediately springs up.

Enjoy the route and the pictures I made.





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Walk for Jesus – Jerusalem Pilgrimage: Episode 3

Dear Friends,

It was hot, hot, hot … but so satisfying and beautiful outside! This time I ended my hike in a place called Distelberg.

Nex time I hope to finish the firtst section of my Pilgrimage to Jerusalem by ending part of the LDT called ‘Pelgrimspad’. I’ll continue my journey with the next Long Distance Trail called the ‘Via Monastica‘ which will take me from Vessem (NL) to Rocroi (F).

Enjoy the route and the pictures I made.

Have a great day!




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Walk for Jesus – Jerusalem Pilgrimage: Episode 2




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Walk for Jesus – Jerusalem Pilgrimage: Episode 1


Dear Friends,

Last wednesday I started my Pilgrimage to Jerusalem. I was excited my wife decided to walk with me for the first couple of miles. Everytime I walk a certain distance I will post the updates here. Enjoy!





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Walk for Jesus – Jerusalem Pilgrimage

Dear friends,

Coming July, God willing, I’m starting my long-awaited Walk for Jesus to Jerusalem. I’ll start from my hometown Amstelveen. I wrote about this Pilgrimage back in 2016. You can read about it here.

I don’t know how long it will take me to complete my journey but I’m not in a hurry and I will, for several reasons, not hike the whole distance at once but in multiple sections.

I’ll be using and following parts of existing Long Distance Trails as long as possible. I’ll start the first section of my Pilgrimage with a LDT called ‘Pelgrimspad deel 1 LAW 7-1‘ and ‘Pelgrimspad deel 2 LAW 7-2‘ which runs through the nearby Amsterdam Forrest.

I’ll pick up the trail there and thus continue my way southeast. For a map of this complete trail click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

I’ll be posting about my journey on this blog and, once in a while, on our Hiker Online website. For pics on the fly I’ll be using my own Instagram account just as I did with my previous trip to Menorca.




When the runners came from Bethlehem
All breathless with good news
They were passing a baton forward through time
The commission, from God’s lips to our ears
Carried by His saints two thousand years
Connects us all to the same lifeline
As I fix my eyes ahead
I can feel the Spirit’s breath…


(And) I can hear the mission bell ringing out loud and clear
It’s the revolution Jesus started, and it’s here
Echoing across the world from the shores of Galilee
I can hear the mission bell call for you and me
I wanna run with fire
It’s my heart’s desire
Lifting your love higher

In the history of our faith’s arrivals
Great awakenings, Welsh revivals
Saints and martyrs, summoned by a new birth
Patrick’s save of the Irish nation
William Carey’s expectation
Lambs and Lions
Called to the ends of the earth
Gotta put my hand to the plow
Not looking back, not now…


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Jerusalem Pilgrimage – The Project

meAccording to the Bible our earthly life is a pilgrimage. Christians are earth dwellers and citizens of heaven. All of us are passing through this earthly wilderness and are on our way to eternity. Heaven is our final destination.

God willing I want to make a pilgrimage for Jesus to Jerusalem. I have been busy with this ‘pilgrimage project’ for many years now and at this moment I’m working on a new website. (See remark below *)

When I became a christian back in november 1989 it already was in my heart to make a kind of journey like this. Traveling and speaking about Jesus to people on the way. And ever since I’ve been talking the talk and walking the walk.

Many people over the centuries have made pilgrimages to Jerusalem. Last year I wrote on this website about Fr. Johannes M. Schwarz.

On August 2nd 2014 he completed his 15 month, 14.000 km walking pilgrimage through 26 countries: Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Israel (winter break), Palestinian Territories, Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy, Vatican, France, Switzerland and back to Liechtenstein.

You can read about his adventures here.

* 13-03-2016
Due to efficiency and ease I have decided to continue using this website only for new articles and personal messages concerning my pilgrimage to Jerusalem. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s better not to give it to much attention on the internet at this time. It’s in the air but it’s still a personal and prayerful work in progress.


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So you want to go to Jerusalem…

How do we measure a journey? In days? In the distance traveled?
In the things we see? Or the things we leave behind? Is it about the destination? And if, was Jerusalem ever the place I sought to reach?

This film documents the first 5000 miles of my walking pilgrimage from Central Europe to Jerusalem and back (8700 miles/14.000 km total).

I thought long about how to tell the tale in 60 minutes and there were no easy choices. I watched a number of travel docs and road movies, but I felt nothing of the sort would do those first 33 weeks to Jerusalem justice. So I opted for a different approach, inspired by the film “Into Great Silence.”

When I did my first long pilgrimage in 1998 from Austria to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) I walked without money and was greeted by the kindness of strangers. This time around I wanted to give back and was privileged to be able to do so.

More than 30.000 $ were spent aiding a parish in Ukraine (heating), a free clinic for the poor in Romania, a program for handicapped people in Georgia, a hospital in Armenia and a school in Israel bringing Jews and Arabs (both Christian and Muslim) closer. Thanks everyone! I will try to continue with your help.

To see the entire film, please click the link below.

To Where God Dwells – 5000 Miles to Jerusalem

The proceeds will be donated to continue the support of the following projects I came across on my pilgrimage: Romania: Fundatia Familia Sfanta – Free Medical Clinic for the Poor, Cluj; Georgia: Program for the handicapped – Catholic Parish of Arali

IF YOU R-E-A-L-L-Y CANNOT AFFORD to give this tiny amount for a good cause: Use this Coupon to watch it for free: 4kmh-give-if-you-can (Click “Rent” and then enter in the field “Discount Code”)

If you do, please at least share this vimeo trailer, so others will pitch in. And leave a comment and rating.

Thank you everyone.

Fr. Johannes M. Schwarz

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Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 16 Left camping "De Mulkerij" this morning at about 09:30. First did some shopping at a big supermarket before continuing the trail. Stepped into French speaking territory today so I'll be able to brush up my French in the coming trips. It's always a challenge to be out of my comfort zone. #walkforjesus #walkaway #gooutside #pilgrimage #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #belgium #israel #hiking #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #wallonie #viamonastica
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 15 The countryside is getting hilly. Also many fruitgrowers and fruitfarms in this area. Lots of sun and water today .... 😅 Pitched my tent on a small camping, De Mulkerij, in a city called Tienen. #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #tienen #belgium #israel #pilgrimage #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hikeon #wheredoyouroam #gooutside
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 14 After visiting my dad I left this morning by car to Tessenderlo in Belgium. Parked my car at the fishmarket and started walking. Although autumn started last month it felt like a hot summer day. Walked until late afternoon and found a place to stay. #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #belgium #israel #hiking #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #walkforjesus #walking #hikeon #wheredoyouroam #viamonastica
Hiker Online weekend - 3 days of hiking at nature reserve 'De Hoge Veluwe' in The Netherlands. More information and our best pics on our website: ... 😃 #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hiking #wheredoyouroam #hikeon #develuwe #enjoyoutdoors #gooutside
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 13 Today I ended Episode 4 of my Pilgrimage to Jerusalem. I finished in a place called Tessenderlo. So next time I'll have to catch up with the trail there. At the moment I'm on my way to the car. Hope you all enjoyed 'the ride' and perhaps till next time. A complete summary of the trip on my blog soon and an article with pictures on our Hiker Online website about 'Het Pelgrimspad'. #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #israel #Belgium #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hikeon #hiking #viamonastica #wheredoyouroam #pilgrimage
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 12 Left the Abbey this morning after breakfast and continued my hike to the south. It was a beautiful day, clouds and sun together. No rain at all. Ended my hike at about 1 km before a place called Kwaadmechelen. #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #Belgium #pilgrimage #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hikeon #wheredoyouroam #israel
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 11 Today I started my next Long Distance Trail the 'Via Monastica' to France. And another interesting fact is that I reached my second country: Belgium. So it was 'farewell' to The Netherlands haha ... 😃 In the afternoon it started to drizzle and sometimes I had some considerable rainfall. In the evening I reached a place called Mol and I'm staying here in the guesthouse of the local 'Abbey of Postel'. #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #Belgium #Postel #Abbey #hikeon #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #wheredoyouroam #viamonastica
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 10 After 'farewells' to my kind neighbours on the camping I started hiking at about 08:30 hrs. Found some great edible mushrooms on the way. On my next stop for the night in Vessem the chef cooked a big mushroom for dinner. We survived .... I had a great day, had some interesting conversations and met a lot of people. #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #pelgrimspad #jerusalem #israel #netherlands #hikeon #wheredoyouroam
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 9 Left my home early today and after parking my car at the place where I stopped last time I started hiking at 08:30. The weather has changed considerably. Autumn is in the air. It's much cooler and the sun only comes out occasionally. Walked from Distelberg (Helvoirt) to a city called Oirschot and pitched my tent at a camping called 'The Bocht'. #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #pilgrimage #hikeon #wheredoyouroam #netherlands #israel #pelgrimspad
We had a great time today learning about edible mushrooms in the forrest at Lage Vuursche with Siegurd from #walkforjesus #walking #jerusalempilgrimage #outdoors #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #forrest #mushrooms #siegurd #bushcraftnederland ##hikeon #wheredoyouroam #hiking
Preparing and testing new equipment for my next hike starting the 10th of september. Hoping to finish part of the first Long Distance Trail called 'Pelgrimspad' and starting my next LDT 'Via Monastica' which will start in Vessem and take me to Rocroi in France. But first, coming saturday, a workshop 'edible mushrooms' at bushcraft and survival specialist Siegurd. Pictures coming soon ... 😃 #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #walking #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #pilgrimage #siegurd #bushcraftnederland #hikeon #nature #hiking #israel #netherlands #wheredoyouroam
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 8 Pfffew, a hot day today 🌄 Especially for dutch standards ... Lots of water and shadow to cool down my body temp. But so satisfying and beautiful to spend time outside. Ended my hike in a place called Distelberg. Next time I hope to finish the first section of my hike to Jerusalem by ending part of the first Long Distance Trail: 'Pelgrimspad' and after that continue my pilgrimage with the 'Via Monastica' which will take me to France. #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #israel #netherlands #pilgrimage #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hiking #pelgrimspad #nature #hikeon #wheredoyouroam

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