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Walk for Jesus – Jerusalem Pilgrimage: Episode 8

Dear Friends,

Last monday I took the car and drove to Reims where I started a new Long Distance Trail called the ‘Via Francigena‘. Walked from Reims to Châlons-en-Champagne through the vineyards of the famous ‘Champagne’.

The history of the Via Francigena pilgrim route dates back to the Middle Ages. The full Via Francigena pilgrimage is from Canturbery to Rome, covering 1,700 km, passing through France and Switzerland along the way.

This time a short episode of two days of hiking. Next time I hope to spend some more time on the trail. Below the route and the pictures I made of this trip.





– – –>> NEXT HIKE: T.B.D. <<– – –


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The current state of manhood

Dear Friends,

Singer and songwriter Don Moen interviews New York Times Bestselling Author Stephen Mansfield to talk about his childhood, faith, career and the current state of manhood.

Manhood in decline

True manhood is in decline in our generation. Our society has deformed masculinity, leaving most men unfulfilled and far from the impact they were made for. GreatMan will help you fight the battles of your life, the battles you must fight to be the man you are meant to be.

Former years

Stephen grew up as the son of a US Army officer, and spent many formative years living in Berlin during the dark days of the Cold War. Returning to the US, he attended college, earning a bachelor’s degree in history and philosophy and later a master’s in history and public policy and a doctorate in history and literature.

He also began acquiring a reputation as a speaker of both depth and humor. During this season of his life, he wrote books, hosted a radio show, spoke widely, and led a number of social-service organizations.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

“Buckle your chinstrap”

This book for men was birthed out of both a passion and an anger. I felt anger over how men are usually portrayed on television as fools or as dogs hanging out at the pole shoving $20 bills into some woman’s underwear.

My passion came from listening to young men on university campuses demand, “Look, I know we’re all screwed up, but just tell me what to do. No one has ever told us what a man is. Just tell us what we are supposed to do to be men.”

In response, I wrote this book. I intend it as a hard-hitting, raw, path for men who want to become great men. I have filled the book with clear principles, historical vignettes, quotes, questions for men to challenge each other with, and even book and movie recommendations.

This book is not everything a man needs to be a great man, but it is more than a start.

“Buckle your chinstrap before you pick up this book because it is truth and its challenge will hit you as you’ve never been hit. A must read for every man!” – Mark Brunell, former NFL quarterback

GreatMan Toolbox

Or why not order the GreatMan Toolbox which includes:

  • Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men – $19.99
  • Building Your Band of Brothers – $10.00
  • GreatMan Video Course – $19.95
  • Band of Brothers Audio Course – $19.95
  • GreatMan Wristband – $5.00
  • BONUS Manly Men Discussion Guide – $10.00 value
  • BONUS Building Your Band of Brothers Discussion Guide – $10.00 value

All this for only $47! That’s a 50% discount!

Have a great day!

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Understanding God’s Plan for the End of Life

Dear Friends,

Our lives have value until the very end of them. In this one day Focus on the Family broadcast Jim Daly & John Fuller talk with Joni Eareckson Tada over her book, When is it Right to Die?


Joni powerfully shares what she has learned about joy in the midst of chronic pain and suffering; and how no one can determine either the quality or the quantity of your life—that is in God’s hands.

She shares on the dangerous ramifications of the “Right to Die” movement and “Mercy killing” and how as a society we need to rise up and love those with disabilities and end of life challenges with compassion.

She offers hope to families facing end of life decisions and reminds that in the book of James we are told to ask God for wisdom and He will lead and guide us.


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I’ll Push You – A 500 Mile Journey Between Two Best Friends

Dear Friends,

I’ll Push You is a story of friendship and love, a story of hope and sacrifice, a story that explores the raw, deep human condition and the connections we all long for.

Overcoming limitations

The Camino de Santiago serves as a backdrop to the lives of Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray. I’ll Push You provides insight into what it means to live for one another, what it means to overcome limitations, and what it means to push one another toward who we each long to be.


At first glance, this story appears to be an adventure tackling a physical challenge in order to fulfill the dream of a man who lives life from a wheelchair. The reality of I’ll Push You is there are many ways we can push one another.

Justin’s perspective on life and the way in which he lives it pushes Patrick beyond his fears and doubts. Join us as we discover what it means to let go of safety and what it means to rest completely in faith.

Switchfoot – Live It Well

Have a great day!

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Walk for Jesus – Jerusalem Pilgrimage: Episode 7

Dear Friends,

On my recent trip I ended the long distance trail called the ‘Via Campaniensis’. Winter has finally arrived. It was the first time on my journey that frost hit the trail. It always results in nice pictures. But I also had to battle a serious cold despite the clothes I wore.

Next episode I will start a new Pilgrim’s route. It means a complete new direction from now on. In stead of heading south my new direction will be south-east which means the trail will take me directly to Switzerland and Italy.

I wish all my blog readers and visitors a Merry Christmas and the Lord’s Blessings for the coming New Year!

Below the route and the pictures I made of this trip.





– – –>> NEXT HIKE: 7-11 JANUARY <<– – –

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Dr. Kent Hovind Pardon Petition

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, Dr. Hovind was falsely convicted of structuring charges and sentenced to 10 years in prison. He served 9 years and was under “supervision” for 3 years. He was finally released in August of this year.

Besides falsely imprisoning Dr. Hovind, the government also seized ministry property and monies illegally. A petition has been created to bring this matter before The President. Would you please sign the petition to grant Dr. Hovind a full pardon and encourage your friends to do likewise?

The link for the petition is on the website of the person who started the petition. Click here to go to the website. We have 30 days to raise almost 100,000 signatures. Thank you for taking the time to help right this wrong!

_ _ _ _ _

Petition Title: “Please Pardon Kent Hovind on the false charges he was convicted under. The evidence is overwhelming when fully viewed.

Kent Hovind was unlawfully convicted of 58 felonies over 12 years ago. 12 counts were alleged to be for failing to withhold taxes from workers, 45 counts were alleged to be for structuring and 1 count was alleged to be for interference with a tax official.

I researched 15 months, reading over 1500 pages of Federal Statutes, Regulations, Case law and IRS Manuals and found that Kent Hovind (and his then wife Jo) did NOT commit one single crime, and I used the acts of Congress and the unoverturned rulings of the Federal Judges to prove it.

All of my evidence is thoroughly documented and publicly posted in The Hovinds were falsely charged, maliciously prosecuted, and judged by a biased and prejudiced judge who manipulated the jury and altered the transcript.

Brady Byrum,
Foresic Paralegal Investigator

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Life in Prison. Hope in Christ.

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Walk for Jesus – Jerusalem Pilgrimage: Episode 6

Dear Friends,

On my latest trip I walked from Namur in Belgium to a city called Revin in France. I said farewell to Belgium and the ‘Via Monastica’ long distance trail and started a new trail called ‘Voie verte Trans-Ardennes‘. It runs from Givet to Mouzon and follows the river ‘La Meuse’ southwards.

Next episode I want to return to a new Pilgrim’s route which runs parallel to the Trans-Ardennes track in the direction of the big city Reims.

Below the route and the pictures I made of this trip.





– – –>> NEXT HIKE: 10-14 DECEMBER <<– – –

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Two interesting debates: Dr. Michael Brown vs Rabbi Daniel Freitag and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Dear Friends,

Below you can watch two interesting debates about the identity of Jesus between Dr. Michael Brown and two Rabbis.

The first debate

This debate is between Dr. Michael Brown and Rabbi Daniel Freitag and is called: “Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah?”. They debate the identity of Jesus and if we can keep the law. It was held at Kennesaw State University, March 3, 2017.

Dr. Michael L. Brown is a conservative radio host, author, professor and a noted proponent of Messianic Judaism and serves as a leader of the Charismatic Movement. His nationally syndicated radio show, The Line of Fire, airs throughout the United States.

Rabbi Daniel Freitag is the director of programming for the Kollel Dome in Dunwoody. His lectures and classes have achieved a significant degree of popularity in a very short time. The Kollel Institute which he teaches and founded has now spread to cities nationwide.

The second debate

The next debate is between Dr. Michael Brown and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and is called: “Who Is the Real Kosher Jesus?” Out of their encounter comes surprising revelations on how some Jews can embrace Jesus yet reject him as savior.

Shmuel “Shmuley” Boteach is an American Orthodox Jewish rabbi, author, TV host and public speaker and is known as America’s rabbi. Boteach is the author of 30 books, including Kosher Sex: A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy, published in 1999, and Kosher Jesus, published in 2012.

Part 1

Part 2

Have a nice day!

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Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 28 Interesting walk today from Trépail to Châlons-en-Champagne. Less 'grey' compared to yesterday. Even the sun came out for a while. A short episode this time with only two days of walking. Tomorrow driving back home to The Netherlands. #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #france #israel #pilgrimage #champagne🍾 #wheredoyouroam #gooutside #viafrancigena
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 27 Today was a 'grey' day. Left home early this morning and drove to Reims. Started a new LDT there called the 'Via Francigena'. Walked from Reims to Trépail through the vineyards of the famous 'Champagne'. Ended my walk today at the house of a sweet old lady where I enjoyed a French meal, a hot shower and a warm bed. #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #trépail #france #israel #wheredoyouroam #gooutside #viafrancigena #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hiking
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 26 Today I ended this episode of my journey in Reims. I said farewell to the 'Via Campaniensis' and hope to start a new Long Distance Trail next time. This next trail will take me to Switzerland and to Italy. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all my Instagram friends. Hope to meet you again next year! #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #israel #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #france #hikeon #wheredoyouroam #gooutside #viacampaniensis
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 25 Started early this morning with some shopping at the local Carrefour. It was cold today. Walked to Bazancourt. Staying at a local farmer tonight. Will be interesting ... 😀 The French and Christmas ... 🤣 😢 #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #israel #france #hiking #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hikeon #wheredoyouroam #gooutside #viacampaniensis #bazancourt
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 24 The first day with frost on the trail. Always spectaculair pics ... 😀 Walked to a place called Château-Porcien where I'm staying at 'Maison des Pèlerins'. The whole place to myself. #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #hiking #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hikeon #gooutside #wheredoyouroam #pilgrimage #viacampaniensis #france #jerusalem #israel
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 23 Left L'Echelle this morning with blue skies. Magnificent views of the hilly landscape. Later in the morning the sun disappeared. A lot of fog in the low areas. No rain today. Walked to a village called Lalobbe. #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #pilgrimage #pilgrim #france #hiking #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #wheredoyouroam #gooutside #hikeon #viacampaniensis
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 22 Parked my car early this morning at Gare de Revin. Had some small showers today. Nothing serious. According to local people yesterday lots of rain. Started a new LDT called the 'Via Campaniensis' and walked to a place called L'Echelle. #walkforjesus #pilgrimage #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #israel #france #wheredoyouroam #gooutside #hikeon #ardennes #viacompaniensis #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial
Preparing for my next hike ... #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #israel #europe #pilgrimage #france #amsterdam #netherlands #wheredoyouroam #gooutside #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hikeon #viacampaniensis #hikertrash #hikertrashforlife #traillife #mindblown #vitamintrail #explore #create #inspire #amstelveen
Classical Music #friends #beethoven #scarlatti #chopin #concert
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 21 Walked today to a city called Revin. Because of the trainstation a good spot to finish this episode and start the next one in December. Finishing the day with a tasty pizza at Pizza Hut. #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #pilgrimage #jerusalem #israel #france #europe #revin #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hiking #hikeon #wheredoyouroam #gooutside
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 20 Today I continued my journey south. I decided to say goodbye to the 'Via Monastica' long distance trail and to continue with a new one called 'Voie verte Trans-Ardennes'. It will take me to a strategic place where I can start my next Episode in December. Today I stopped at a place called Haybes. #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #israel #france #pilgrimage #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hiking #hikeon #wheredoyouroam
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 19 It was windy and cold on the trail today. I walked from Dinant (B) to Givet (F) along the famous 'La Meuse'. I crossed the border at Heer-Agimont. So France ... here I am! The country where I'm planning to be on my next hikes ... 😀 #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #israel #france #belgium #europe #hiking #wheredoyouroam #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hikeon #dinant #givet #pilgrimage #hiking #lameuse #walking

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