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Exciting news …. my new website is online

Dear Friends,

Finally …. the birth of my new website. Without annoying ads and from now on everything only in English.

Perhaps here and there still some tweaking needed but hope to meet you guys there.

Check it out at:

Best regards & blessings,



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What does it mean to be a man of God in our day and age?

Dear Friends,

Such a powerful Bible teaching regarding manhood by Derek Prince. God’s heart for men is to see them walking out the destinies He has created for them. But before that can happen, they need to understand the primary roles God has assigned to them.

Discover man’s true calling and learn how to fulfill it.

Have a great day.

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A YouTube channel about traditional craft and wilderness living by … Rune Malte Bertram-Nielsen

Dear Friends,

For all you ‘Outdoor Lovers’ out there I can recommend the professional YouTube channel of Rune Malte Bertram-Nielsen which I found recently. His video’s are all about traditional craft and wilderness living and are shot without speech.

I have made a playlist with all his longer video’s of outdoor trips. I will regularly update the list as new video’s come out.

Refreshing and relaxing for the adventurous soul!

Thank you Bertram!


About Bertram

My name is Bertram and I am a Dane from Denmark – previously viking country. I am a fulltime youtuber – former self employed full time bushcraft instructor, green wood worker and a tool blacksmith.

I make videos about traditional craft and wilderness living – bushcraft. All the videos are a one-man-production – no talk and no power tools. Just me doing craft and trips in nature.


See gear list, more about me, sponsors etc. here:

Get updates about next video’s here:


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We are proud to present to you the video of NATIVE TONGUE – Live In Atlanta!

Singing along with all of you, night after night is why we make music, it’s why we tour. Every night of The NATIVE TONGUE Tour has brought something special, new, and unforgettable… The Tabernacle in Atlanta was no exception.

Thanks for singing along, and we’ll see you on the road!

Directed by Erick Frost
Additional Cameras by Dynamo Studios – Jered Scott (instructor) & Reed Schick (Student)
Edited by Essix Media House

_ _ _ _ _ _ _


Tickets to The NATIVE TONGUE Tour in AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS are on sale from 15th of March at:

Concert date:

15th of July 2019


Lijnbaansgracht 234a
1017 PH Amsterdam

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Suffering isn’t the end of your story. It’s the beginning of a new story.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Katherine and Jay Wolf are survivors, storytellers, advocates, and evangelists.

In 2008, at the age of 26, Katherine nearly died from a catastrophic brainstem stroke. Her survival and recovery, not to mention that of her marriage and family, have been nothing short of miraculous.

Katherine and Jay are in full-time ministry together through HOPE HEALS, leveraging their story to encourage those with broken bodies, broken brains, and broken hearts. Engaging both faith-based and secular communities, they seek to bridge the gap between those disabled on the outside and those disabled on the inside with the hope that Jesus brings healing to the deepest pains we all carry.

They co-authored their first book, HOPE HEALS, published by Zondervan in April 2016, and launched HOPE HEALS CAMP, a Summer camp for families with disabilities in June 2017.

They currently reside in Los Angeles with their two sons, James and John.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Story of Katherine & Jay Wolf – Directed by DJ VIOLA // Music by NATHAN WANG

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A 68 day bushcraft trip with man’s best friend: 700 km’s, survival skills, camping, wildlife

Dear Friends,

At this moment I’m watching a new bushcraft, camping and survival trip/series by Justin Barbour. I recommend it to everyone who loves hiking, bushcraft and the outdoors.

Who is Justin?

“Hi my name is Justin and I love life in the country. I joke and say that I was born in the wrong era because I am more at home living in the wilderness than I am in my own house and civilization. My YouTube channel will document my outdoor life.

My goal is to share my passion and learning experiences. I go on many camping expeditions but also do single overnighters in tents and improvised shelters. I often have my dogs Saku and Bear along.

Thanks for watching!”

Justin “Newfoundland Explorer” shares adventure and outdoor life within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Some of his large personal feats include canoeing 1000 km’s across the desolate Labrador Peninsula and snowshoeing/ packrafting /hiking 700 km’s across Newfoundland’s most remote and rugged wilderness, both trips were solo along with his sidekick Saku.

He has also hiked and canoed 120 km’s across the island’s Avalon Peninsula and paddled 60 km’s down a portion of Labrador’s untamed Sandhill River.


_ _ _ _ _ _

“Join me and man’s best friend (aka Saku) for a 68 day bushcraft camping and survival trip/series. We travel 700 kilometers across the challenging woods of Newfoundland. It’s survival in every sense of the word other than the fact that we live primarily on carried rations. We do catch many fish for extra calories later in the trip. We are often many miles from civilization.

I am hoping for a minimum of 6 episodes from this expedition. This is something that Saku and I have put a lot of blood, sweat, tears and time into. We hope you enjoy the series.

BACKSTORY: In the Spring of 2017 I embarked on a 700km snowshoe, Alpacka raft, backpacking expedition across the harsh yet magical Newfoundland interior wilderness. I was solo as a human but far from alone. By my side from start to finish was my loyal Cape Shore Water Dog, Saku.

We went through thick and thin together in order to travel across some of the least explored wilderness regions of our province. We encountered frequent wildlife while battling desolate barrens, thick bush, mountain ranges, storms, sub-zero temperatures, raging whitewater, massive lakes, the Atlantic Ocean and monster trout.

Often we were days of man-power travel away from civilization. It was a big challenge and an unforgettable blessing. Newfoundland is the island portion of the province “Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada”

We have A LOT of unoccupied land and endless outdoor opportunities. The interior of the island is largely uninhabited. What exists is primarily remote wilderness. That is where our trip took place.

From the western side of the island we traversed for the most part trackless woods and waters to reach the eastern end of the province. I documented the entire journey by camera and that is what I will share with you here on my channel.

Make sure to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE if you appreciate these videos. Also HIT THE BELL for NOTIFICATIONS so you won’t miss an episode. Please comment below the videos. I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks!”

**Follow me on my other platforms**




Justin Barbour

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Walk for Jesus – Jerusalem Pilgrimage: Episode 8

Dear Friends,

Last monday I took the car and drove to Reims where I started a new Long Distance Trail called the ‘Via Francigena‘. Walked from Reims to Châlons-en-Champagne through the vineyards of the famous ‘Champagne’.

The history of the Via Francigena pilgrim route dates back to the Middle Ages. The full Via Francigena pilgrimage is from Canturbery to Rome, covering 1,700 km, passing through France and Switzerland along the way.

This time a short episode of two days of hiking. Next time I hope to spend some more time on the trail. Below the route and the pictures I made of this trip.





– – –>> NEXT HIKE: 22 APRIL – 26 APRIL <<– – –

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The current state of manhood

Dear Friends,

Singer and songwriter Don Moen interviews New York Times Bestselling Author Stephen Mansfield to talk about his childhood, faith, career and the current state of manhood.

Manhood in decline

True manhood is in decline in our generation. Our society has deformed masculinity, leaving most men unfulfilled and far from the impact they were made for. GreatMan will help you fight the battles of your life, the battles you must fight to be the man you are meant to be.

Former years

Stephen grew up as the son of a US Army officer, and spent many formative years living in Berlin during the dark days of the Cold War. Returning to the US, he attended college, earning a bachelor’s degree in history and philosophy and later a master’s in history and public policy and a doctorate in history and literature.

He also began acquiring a reputation as a speaker of both depth and humor. During this season of his life, he wrote books, hosted a radio show, spoke widely, and led a number of social-service organizations.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

“Buckle your chinstrap”

This book for men was birthed out of both a passion and an anger. I felt anger over how men are usually portrayed on television as fools or as dogs hanging out at the pole shoving $20 bills into some woman’s underwear.

My passion came from listening to young men on university campuses demand, “Look, I know we’re all screwed up, but just tell me what to do. No one has ever told us what a man is. Just tell us what we are supposed to do to be men.”

In response, I wrote this book. I intend it as a hard-hitting, raw, path for men who want to become great men. I have filled the book with clear principles, historical vignettes, quotes, questions for men to challenge each other with, and even book and movie recommendations.

This book is not everything a man needs to be a great man, but it is more than a start.

“Buckle your chinstrap before you pick up this book because it is truth and its challenge will hit you as you’ve never been hit. A must read for every man!” – Mark Brunell, former NFL quarterback

GreatMan Toolbox

Or why not order the GreatMan Toolbox which includes:

  • Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men – $19.99
  • Building Your Band of Brothers – $10.00
  • GreatMan Video Course – $19.95
  • Band of Brothers Audio Course – $19.95
  • GreatMan Wristband – $5.00
  • BONUS Manly Men Discussion Guide – $10.00 value
  • BONUS Building Your Band of Brothers Discussion Guide – $10.00 value

All this for only $47! That’s a 50% discount!

Have a great day!

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Understanding God’s Plan for the End of Life

Dear Friends,

Our lives have value until the very end of them. In this one day Focus on the Family broadcast Jim Daly & John Fuller talk with Joni Eareckson Tada over her book, When is it Right to Die?


Joni powerfully shares what she has learned about joy in the midst of chronic pain and suffering; and how no one can determine either the quality or the quantity of your life—that is in God’s hands.

She shares on the dangerous ramifications of the “Right to Die” movement and “Mercy killing” and how as a society we need to rise up and love those with disabilities and end of life challenges with compassion.

She offers hope to families facing end of life decisions and reminds that in the book of James we are told to ask God for wisdom and He will lead and guide us.


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A workshop working with leather @jeroenjaygerits from #jaysleatherandcanvas helped me create two sheaths for my two handmade knives. Loved it. #handmade #bushcraft #bushcraftnederland #siegurd #staatsbosbeheer #knives #gooutside #wheredoyouroam #hikeronline #leather #leatherwork #hikeronlineofficial
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 33 Today I ended my trip with a nice Leffe (for those who remember I stayed at the Leffe Abbey in Belgium) in Bar-sur-Aube. Tomorrow I'm travelling back to The Netherlands. First I'll get my car by train at Chalôns-en-Champagne and there continue my journey to the north. Hope you enjoyed this episode. Pictures and route will soon be on my new website at ---> Perhaps till next time ... 🖐️ #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #hiking #hikeronlineofficial #hikeronline #pilgrimage #france #europe #viafrancigena #wheredoyouroam #gooutside
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 32 Today I took a zero. Time for much needed rest for body, soul and spirit. I went out and first did some household chores. After that I went for a stroll and studied the life of Napoléon Bonaparte. Interesting .... #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #europe #france #pilgrimage #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hiking #napoleon #briennelechateau #wheredoyouroam #gooutside #history
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 31 Last night I stayed at a hospitable community of people with mental problems. Interesting to see how pilgrims are welcomed there. Today I walked to Brienne-le-Château. The former dwelling place of Napoleon Bonaparte. It was a cloudy and windy day with several showers. Nonetheless a beautiful hiking day. #walkforjesus #jerusalem #jerusalempilgrimage #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hiking #france #europe #viafrancigena #pilgrimage #wheredoyouroam #gooutside #enjoynature
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 30 Water ... such an essential commodity during a hike. Especially when you walk long distances without seeing anyone. People are so helpful and kind in the small villages where I come. Mostly farmers and other hard working folks. Life is difficult but within these communities people depend on each other. #walkforjesus #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hiking #pilgrimage #europe #france #jerusalem #jerusalempilgrimage #wheredoyouroam #gooutside #viafrancigena
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 29 Today back on the trail again. Such a special feeling. Drove early this morning to Chalôns-en-Champagne and started walking. It was hot today. Had to rest a couple of times to make sure I wouldn't get overheated. #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hiking #europe #france #pilgrimage #viafrancigena #wheredoyouroam #gooutside
Preparations for Episode 9 of my 'Pilgrimage to Jerusalem'. How I miss the trail ... ♥️ #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #hiking #france #israel #jerusalem #europe #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #viafrancigena #wheredoyouroam #gooutside
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 28 Interesting walk today from Trépail to Châlons-en-Champagne. Less 'grey' compared to yesterday. Even the sun came out for a while. A short episode this time with only two days of walking. Tomorrow driving back home to The Netherlands. #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #france #israel #pilgrimage #champagne🍾 #wheredoyouroam #gooutside #viafrancigena
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 27 Today was a 'grey' day. Left home early this morning and drove to Reims. Started a new LDT there called the 'Via Francigena'. Walked from Reims to Trépail through the vineyards of the famous 'Champagne'. Ended my walk today at the house of a sweet old lady where I enjoyed a French meal, a hot shower and a warm bed. #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #trépail #france #israel #wheredoyouroam #gooutside #viafrancigena #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hiking
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 26 Today I ended this episode of my journey in Reims. I said farewell to the 'Via Campaniensis' and hope to start a new Long Distance Trail next time. This next trail will take me to Switzerland and to Italy. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all my Instagram friends. Hope to meet you again next year! #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #israel #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #france #hikeon #wheredoyouroam #gooutside #viacampaniensis
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 25 Started early this morning with some shopping at the local Carrefour. It was cold today. Walked to Bazancourt. Staying at a local farmer tonight. Will be interesting ... 😀 The French and Christmas ... 🤣 😢 #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #jerusalem #israel #france #hiking #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hikeon #wheredoyouroam #gooutside #viacampaniensis #bazancourt
Jerusalem Pilgrimage - Day 24 The first day with frost on the trail. Always spectaculair pics ... 😀 Walked to a place called Château-Porcien where I'm staying at 'Maison des Pèlerins'. The whole place to myself. #walkforjesus #jerusalempilgrimage #hiking #hikeronline #hikeronlineofficial #hikeon #gooutside #wheredoyouroam #pilgrimage #viacampaniensis #france #jerusalem #israel

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